Tools and Training

Building the Waitstaff for the 21st Century

WaitersWorld delivers top customer service staff training around the country. Programs include...
Make It Fun! Make It Easy! Make Some Money!™
A program for hospitality operators, managers, and service-sales staff.

What will you learn?

    Saturday Market Theory

    Waiters are provided all the necessary resources to run a business for themselves at no cost!
    Tips vs Sales
    A guide to setting sales goals by examining the earning potential for professional waiters.
    Menu Mapping and Safe Selling
    Simple service-sales techniques to increase revenues for all.
    Easy methods to measure individual productivity by the hour, week, month and shift.
    Setting Financial Goals
    Useful methods to help staff set financial goals that win for both the employee and employer
    More Wine!
    Sell just three bottles of wine a week and earn a trip to Mexico!
    And More!
    Secret cues and prompts to increase sales
    How and when to merchandise alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
    The "Ten Best One-Liners" that can be used to "up-sell"
    Turning one complaint into eight new customers
     Plus many more practical training ideas.
 Basic Bar Beverage
Learn basic beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

The program includes:
Products, terminology, glassware, garnishes, service techniques, and quality up-selling 

Custom Training
WaitersWorld offers custom management and staff training programs on service and sales. Offered as an individual or series of programs.The program can be provided any day of the week at the organization’s convenience. * If more than one program is requested to accommodate larger groups or more than one unit/location, they can be held in separate sessions or provided on consecutive days. Discounts considered for multiple bookings.

*Because of necessary preparations and scheduling, a minimum of three-week advance notice is required.

Custom Training Bonus
WaitersWorld will assess the organization's service at an unannounced dining event (mystery shopper). The confidential written report will be delivered to management prior to training to provide suggestions during the seminar(s) on waitstaff service based on actual dining experience, making comments of even greater value to staff, managers and owners.

General Program Requirements
The host organization provides:
Meeting facilities to accommodate all attendees
Audio-Visual equipment as needed
Reimbursement for usual and customary travel expenses.

Now is the time... Service has become the deal breaker on where consumers spend their money.
Contact WaitersWorld and give your establishment the "boost" it needs to improve service to increase sales! More sales equals more income for operators and staff!

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