About WaitersWorld

Our Mission is to elevate the status of waiters in America to a professional career level, a career of choice offering unlimited opportunity.
WaitersWorld is designed to offer terrific tools and training; to give waitstaff the opportunity to network with other professional waiters and hospitality peers around the world.
Above all, WaitersWorld aims to serve other professional waiters all over the world by providing current information to achieve professional, personal, and financial success!
WaitersWorld is the culmination of several years focus on the needs of the professional waiter. We offer basic service skills, product knowledge, and tap in to the international pool of experienced professional waiters around the world.

Everything you wanted to know about WaitersWorld, but were afraid ask......

Paul Paz

"Social media, at its best, brings people together face-to-face."  Paul Paz

The service marketplace is ever changing with new themes and concepts, as well as new food and beverage products. The demands of the consumer are constantly fluctuating. The professional must be prepared to adapt. As professionals we are in business for ourselves. The tools and resources to ply our trade come to us at no cost via our employers. The only limits to our success are the ones we choose.

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